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Ever wonder why some emails bounce back or never seem to get any traction? It could be because you’ve got some not-so-great emails on your list. Let’s clean up your email list and keep your email game strong. 

Today, in less than 3 minutes, you’ll find out:

  • Which three types of emails you should kick off your list ASAP
  • Why it’s important to keep your list tidy
  • A simple way to keep your list in good order

3 Types Of Emails To Remove From Your List

1: Spam Trap Emails

Spam traps are set up by internet service providers or organisations to identify spammers. They use email addresses that might have been public at one point (making them likely to be picked up and used by someone not carefully managing their email lists) or they might be created specifically to look like common email addresses but are never used for sending or receiving emails. 

What happens if you get caught in a spam trap? It’s not good news – you could get blacklisted! Remove any spam traps from your list and avoid these emails at all costs… 

2: Invalid Emails or Hard Bounces

These are email addresses that just don’t work. Maybe they never existed, or they got shut down. If you keep sending emails to these addresses, it tells email providers you might not be doing your homework.

3: High Abuse Reporters

Watch out for those folks who are quick to hit the spam button. If your emails keep going to them, you might end up getting flagged more often. And the more often you get flagged, the worse your deliverability will be to the rest of your list. 

Why Should You Clean Your Email List?

A clean email list means you’re talking to people who really want to hear from you, which means better engagement and less trouble with email providers.

Keeping Our List Clean with ZeroBounce

We use ZeroBounce to keep our list neat and tidy. It helps us spot and remove those spam traps, invalid emails, and quick-to-complain contacts.

Curious about how all this list cleaning stuff works? Check out our guide on What is List Cleaning & Why Do It – How to Clean Your List.


Cleaning your list is like tidying up your room – it might be a chore, but it feels great when it’s done, and it works so much better. Keep your email list in top shape with tools like ZeroBounce, and make every email count.


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