In my line of work I meet a lot of business owners. I mean A LOT.

There’s one thing that I hear time and time again from them that really irritates me.

“Email marketing doesn’t work, it’s too over used or my business is different, it might work for you but it won’t work for me.”


Quite frankly, if your email marketing isn’t working it’s because you are doing it wrong.

A good email marketing campaign has 2 key parts to it…

A Regular Nurture Campaign

You need to be sending relevant, useful emails packed full of massive value on at least a weekly basis. This is to keep your list warm and get them to know, like and trust you.

A Killer Sales Pitch

Your offer must be something relevant to your readers and seem like a great deal. Your sales emails need to connect with your reader, overcome their objections and instill a sense of urgency in them – if they don’t act now they’ll miss out!  

Without BOTH of these your email campaigns will fail.

So how are you doing?

Do you regularly contact your list with bags full of free, useful, relationship building content?

Are your offers relevant and so good that they must have them right now?

If not, then you’re missing out on sales and valuable revenue for your business. 



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